Greenbrier Group possesses deep domain expertise across the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of the enterprise and assists clients with everything from ideation and innovation to execution and operations.  

Virtual and Interim CxO Services

Greenbrier Group has a deep bench of highly experienced CxO’s to serve clients virtually or on an interim basis.  We address critical gaps in your management team with highly experienced CxO’s with distinguished track records leading the world’s most recognized companies. Our team can help provide short- and medium-term leadership in Operations, Finance, Information Technology, Analytics, and Human Resources.

Strategic Planning & Strategy Execution

Greenbrier Group colleagues are help clients build forward-thinking, innovative, and differentiated strategies to thrive today and tomorrow.  We help our clients build a hyper-competitive blueprint for future success through the development, execution, and continual implementation of strategic planning and strategy execution. We have helped organizations use data and insights to understand the roadmap to success, build infrastructures to ensure execution success, and evaluate overall efficacy of organizational strategic planning and execution.

Operations Excellence & Performance Improvement

Greenbrier Group helps clients maximize their product, service, or solution execution.  We will help you realize the full benefit of your operational potential through the adoption and implementation of mission critical tools and processes. From the simple maturity of existing processes through the more complex adoption of transformative technologies and processes, we can help you achieve the most optimal yield from your operational efforts.

Transaction Support Services

Greenbrier Group colleagues are highly experienced transaction support experts, including sourcing, diligence, transaction execution, and post-transaction strategic implementation.  Our team has served at the center of more than $30B in transactions. We source, diligence, advise, consummate, and integrate transactions of myriad size and scale, across a wide range of capital structures, and have engaged with many of the world’s most prominent strategic acquirers and equity partners.

Business & Digital Transformation

Greenbrier Group helps clients fundamentally transform their business using leading edge technologies that drive efficiency, improve consumer experience, and provide insights on end-to-end business performance.  Don’t survive – thrive – in the worlds perpetually evolving business landscape. Enabled by the best and brightest minds in the field of digital and digitally-enabled business transformation, we help our customers pivot, compete, and scale on hyper-aggressive timelines.

Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

Greenbrier Group helps clients harness the power of data and apply insights to drive tangible outcomes.  We help you realize the value of data-driven strategy, data-enabled transformation, and data powered operations. From mining to management empowerment, we will help our customers maximize the power of data. We have enabled customers to use insights to optimize operations, to source global data to empower strategy development and execution, and have helped customers productize data and take data-enabled products to market.

Product Lifecycle

Greenbrier Group helps clients understand the competitive environment, identify optimal product market fit, and develop a go to market strategy designed to ensure you win.  From market fit and potential market demand, to product design and development, through iterations of introduction, scale, and maturity, we can help your organization meet your productization goals and objectives. Our team of product experts have worked on the most innovative, market-changing, and globally recognized products and brands throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Risk Management, Security & Privacy

Greenbrier Group colleagues are particularly adept in the field of security, privacy, and security, and in more than a few cases, several of our key resources were the pioneers in their field. With relationships that span government (e.g., National Security Agency), academia (e.g. Stanford University), and the world’s most critical information networks (e.g. AT&T), we can help your organization assess risk, prioritize and arbitrage risk, and develop resilient organizational infrastructures capable of weathering the dangerous, interconnected world in which we live.